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Why Smoked Yerba Mate Poses Risks: Our Safe Alternative

Learn about the health risks associated with smoked yerba mate and discover our method of air drying, free from harmful polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), ensuring a safe and delicious product.

Understanding the Risks of Smoked Yerba Mate

Yerba mate, a beloved beverage enjoyed worldwide, undergoes processing methods that can impact its safety. Most notably, the prevalent practice of using smoked drying systems, employing burnt wood to dry the mate leaves, poses significant health risks. This method is known to yield yerba mate containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), chemicals that have been linked to carcinogenic effects when consumed in elevated concentrations.

Highlighting Our Solution: 100% Air Drying

Unlike conventional methods, our commitment to quality and safety led us to explore alternative drying techniques. In 2017, we embarked on a mission to find a farm practicing air drying, a rarity in the industry. Through diligent research, we not only discovered a farm employing air drying but also one dedicated to sustainable farming practices and fair trade principles. For over five years, we have proudly partnered with these farmers, ensuring the integrity of our product and the well-being of our consumers.

Introducing Our Process: PAH-Free Yerba Mate

Utilizing a meticulous process involving hot air, our yerba mate leaves are completely devoid of PAHs. Unlike traditional methods where PAHs originate from smoke, our air drying technique guarantees a pure and light-tasting mate, providing consumers with peace of mind and a superior drinking experience.

Call to Action: Experience the Difference Today

Say goodbye to the risks associated with smoked yerba mate and embrace a healthier alternative. Try our PAH-free yerba mate today and savor the natural flavors without compromising your well-being.