One-of-a-Kind Plant

Discover Yerba Mate (pronounced 'yer-bah mah-tay') – more than a plant, it's a fusion of health and flavor. Celebrated for its rich nutrients and unique taste, this infusion stands apart.

Millions embrace yerba mate daily for enhancing focus, mental clarity, and stamina. Beyond its health benefits, yerba mate is cherished for its role in social gatherings, symbolizing a shared experience and connection among its enthusiasts.

A Treasure from the South American Rainforest

Tracing its roots back centuries, yerba mate was first a cherished ritual among the Guaraní people in the Paraná rainforest, long before European explorers set foot in the New World. Revered as a divine gift, it empowered them with strength and courage, integral to their cultural ceremonies.

Today, yerba mate symbolizes friendship, sharing, and a deep connection with oneself and others, all through a unique ritual of enjoying a mate in good company.

In Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and southern Brazil, mate is as beloved, if not more, than coffee. In these lands, it's a cultural cornerstone, celebrated for fostering well-being and joy.



The heart of yerba mate culture beats in its unique ritual. Sharing the gourd among friends and family, a mate circle, is where bonds are strengthened and stories, experiences, and ideas flow freely.

In its native lands, passing the gourd is a gesture of friendship, hospitality, and respect.

The Art of Infusion

Yerba mate is enjoyed in a special way, distinct from traditional tea or coffee. This revered method is the key to unlocking the richest nutrients and experiencing the infusion's full effect.


    Meet the Bombilla, a straw with a built-in filter, often crafted from metal in various sizes and shapes. It's an essential tool for sipping yerba mate authentically.


    The Yerba, a harmonious blend of leaves, powder, and stems from the Ilex Paraguariensis plant, is the heart of the brew.


    Mate, often causing a bit of confusion, originally refers to the vessel for brewing. To avoid mix-ups, we affectionately call it the gourd, while mate also denotes the beloved beverage itself.


Yerba mate's versatility shines beyond traditional methods. Whether through tea infusers, French presses, or even coffee machines, there's a perfect way for everyone to explore and enjoy this enchanting infusion.

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