Mateína is partnering up with Dr. Andrew Huberman to share a passion for yerba mate and offer the finest energy source, starting with the launch of an innovative sugar-free yerba mate cold brew that embodies our shared commitment to health, rich flavors, and a tradition that resonates with Dr. Huberman's Argentine heritage.

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Healthful, Heritage-Rich Brew

A Note from Dr. Huberman

I often discuss yerba mate's health benefits — such as its high antioxidant content, its role in managing blood sugar, and its possible neuroprotective effects. Personally, I consume yerba mate daily for these reasons, and also because it tastes great and it reminds me of drinking it as a child with my Argentine family.

Collaborating with Mateína to develop a sugar-free version of cold brew yerba mate was a thrill 

and I’m so excited to be able to share it with you.

"Yerba mate has been my preferred source of caffeine for more than three decades."

– Dr. Andrew Huberman

anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties
Possible Neuroprotective effects
improve focus and energy levels

Custom liquid